How My MTN App Works, Get Free 500MB Data

How My MTN App Works, Get Free 500MB Data

The MyMTN App is a mobile app by MTN with lots of benefits and allows MTN subscriber to manage their MTN line directly from the app.

Customer can see what plan they are currently using, their mobile number, offers on free data, and credit balance on the app.

The phrase “My MTN App” and “MyMTN App” mean the same thing and have been used interchangeably in this article. So bare that in mind as you read along.

How My MTN App Work

Refer And Earn Free Data on MTN

The MyMTN app gives customers greater control over their Mobile services. It lets MTN subscribers access services, perform simple tasks and solve problems with their MTN line without needing to call a customer care representative.

Most of the services that you sometimes need to lookup on the web, or need to call a customer care representative to help you with, can now be performed with the app.

For example, you can look up all calls history, check data or Airtime balance, and recharge your line with the app. Even when you do not remember the USSD code for performing these tasks.

There are also offers and free data exclusively for those using the app.

MTN recently included news bulleting from the BBC both in Nigerian Pidgin, Yoruba, Hausa, and Igbo directly in the app.

How To Get Free 500MB On MY MTN App

In order to promote and encourage the use of the MyMTN App. Users were given free 500MB data just for downloading and signing up on the app.

MYMTN Special offer text message

So to get your free 500MB all you have to do is to :

  • Download the My MTN App here
  • Sign up with Your MTN number
  • Launch the app
  • Then click on the “crack the egg” button and you will be given free 500MB.

The free 500MB has a validity period of 3 days. But for those who want more data with a longer validity period, then there is also a provision for that because MTN recently introduced a referral program along with the app. Which you can read about below.

How To Get Free Data on My MTN App

There are several ways you can get free data from the MY MTN App. In fact, there is a whole page on the app dedicated to giving out free data. These free data ranges from 200MB to 1GB, but of cause, you must complete a few tasks to earn them.

Here are the top three ways to get free data on my MTN App

  1. Invite a Friend to download the app
  2. Refer a friend to buy data
  3. Invite a friend to upgrade to 4G

To get these free data on My MTN App

  • First Download the App here if you haven’t already
  • launch the app and click on the menu
  • Click on the “free data”
  • Use any of the three referral methods to earn free data

Invite A Friend To Download My MTN App

You get rewarded with free 200MB every time a friend download and sign up on the app after you have invited them.

Refer A friend To Buy Data

Here, MTN gives you 10% of whatever your friend purchases, and your friend also get a 50% bonus on their data plan.

Refer a data plan on My MTN App

So for example, if you invite a friend to buy a 1GB data plan, you will get 100MB (10%) for free while your friend will get 500MB (50%) worth of free data bonus in addition to the 1GB they purchased.

Invite A Friend To Upgrade To 4G

If you know anyone that still uses a 3G SIM, you can invite them to upgrade their SIM card to a 4G SIM and when they do, they will get free 10GB from MTN while you will get 1GB free data, which is 10% of what your friend gets.

Refer a Friend to upgrade to 4G on MTN

Benefits Of My MTN App

There are lots of benefit of using the My MTN App they include:

  • Special deals and bonuses exclusively for those using the app
  • Earn Free Data for completing a task
  • Easily access to MTN mobile services
  • Solve common Issues with your line without calling customer care representative
  • Live chat with an MTN representative
  • Easily Buy data and Airtime
  • Check Data and Airtime status with just a click of a button
  • View your profile and call history
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